Performance Workshops

In June actors Pauline Goldsmith and Stanley Pattison joined the Eidolon project. We’ve since spent two sessions at the SCSC, workshopping through some performance ideas.

On the first day I (with lots of help from Pam, Scott and Andy at SCSC) put Pauline and Stanley in simulations with the High Definition Mannequin, in the role of Anaesthetist. Pam was on close hand, as the Anaesthetic Assistant, to lead the actors through the scenerios and it turned out that Stanley was not bad at Intubation!

We also did a session where the actors took turns in voicing the mannequin, ie. not pretending to be a patient, which is the usual case in training scenarios, but imagining that they were actually the mannequin. The video below shows Pauline as mannequin and Stanley as attending medic.

On July 24th Stanley and I went back to the SCSC and tried out some ideas with the poems of Baudelaire ‘Les Revenants’, and a spare mannequin head. This resulted in some interesting co-presence between actor and mannequin.

We’ll be getting back together in Sept to try out some more ideas…!