Eidolon360 @ Interactions Gallery – British HCI, University of Sunderland

Eidolon360 is a virtual reality artwork that is interacted with through VR headsets. The viewer, reclines on a bed within the exhibition space, and experiences a 360 film, shot within the Scottish Centre for Simulation & Clinical Human Factors, at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital, that mimics clinical hospital locations, such as operating theatres and hospital wards. The reclining viewer inhabits the point of view of resuscitation manikin Resusci Anne, set within a resuscitation training room. A medic (actress Pauline Goldsmith) approaches Resusci Anne and tenderly recounts her origin story, an intriguing tale of a mysterious drowned young woman, L’inconnue de la Seine, found in Paris in the late 1880’s, who became the face of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), Resusci Anne, and has since been revived by over 300 million people worldwide. The film attempts to present an emotionally resonant anecdote, as an immersive experience, scrutinizing the overlaps between real life and simulation.

Eidolon360 – immersive film still


Hospital bed/s: 1 – 5
GearVR Headsets: 1 – 5