Eidolon @ Edinburgh Art Festival

It’s almost festival time in Edinburgh, and Eidolon will be presented as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival this year. From 13-21 and 24-27 August, a two screen video installation will be exhibited at Edinburgh College of Art, Main Building, Room C28 (11am-5pm with late openings until 8pm on Wed 17 & Thurs 18 August). A monograph publication about the project will be available to buy at the venue.

Eidolon - ManiDance (2016) video

Eidolon – ManiDance (2016) video screenshot

On Sat 20 & Sun 21 August the Eidolon performance will be presented at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh (pick up from Edinburgh College of Art).

Tickets are available from: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eidolon-performance-edinburgh-art-festival-tickets-26355118870

Eidolon’s presentation at the Edinburgh Art Festival is supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh, the Scottish Centre for Simulation & Clinical Human Factors, and NHS Lothian.


IAB2016 – 15th June 2016

A huge thanks to all those who were involved in the Eidolon performance at the Clinical Skills & Assessment Centre (CSAC), Western General on 15th June as part of the World Congress on Biomedical Ethics IAB2016, from audience, performers, CSAC staff and photographer Alicia Bruce, who documented the event. We’re now looking forward to more performances at CSAC on 20/21 August and a video installation at Edinburgh College of Art from 12-21 August as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival. More details about how to book for the performance coming soon at edinburghartfestival.com/


Eidolon @ IAB2016

Exciting news – Eidolon will be performed at the Clinical Skills Assessment Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh on Wed 15th June 2016, as part of the International Congress on Biomedical Ethics 2016.

The performance will only be available to conference delegates and places are limited so sign up early!



Eidolon @Edinburgh Art Festival

Eidolon will be presented at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2016, as part of Edinburgh College of Art’s partner events programme. A dual screen video installation version of the work will be installed within Edinburgh College of Art from 12-21 August and a series of live performances, featuring Freya Jeffs, Pauline Goldsmith and Stanley Pattison, will be presented at the Clinical Skills and Assessment Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh on 20-21 August (times TBC).


Beverley Hood – Eidolon 2016. Photography ®Lindsay Perth

Look out for further info in coming weeks at http://edinburghartfestival.com/whats-on

Eidolon @ Consciousness Reframed

In November I was invited to present the paper ‘Eidolon – The Technological Body’ at the Consciousness Reframed Conference, at DeTao University, Shanghai China. It was a really interesting event with an international group speakers from all over the globe, exploring the implications of technology upon reality, consciousness and the immaterial, directed by Professor Roy Ascott. The papers will be published in bilingual Chinese and English in the next edition of Technoetic Arts ( Publisher: Intellect ) http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Journal,id=142/


Roy Ascott lecture


DeTao Node – Shanghai


Pudong – Shanghai


Dramaturgy – Jeremy Weller

Last week we had a very productive few days working on the Eidolon project with writer/director Jeremy Weller. Jeremy came in to advise us as a dramaturg (i.e. he was telling us what works, doesn’t work and helping us to give then piece an overall shape and focus).

Simulation in progress

Simulation in progress

Simulation in progress

Simulation in progress

On Monday morning we did a run of the performance in progress for Jeremy and Babs McCool, Charitable Arts and Wellbeing Coordinator, at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital, who has seen a number of incarnations of the work so far. The afternoon was spent gathering their feedback, both through the de-brief session and subsequent discussion. Tuesday, we did script run through’s and mini-workshop tasks in an attempt to bring more emotional depth to the text and performance.







On wed, we went back through the text reviewing changes and applied similar workshop techniques to the dance sequence material, again mining for deeper emotions. Really productive days, with much interesting discussion that helped refocused the performance group, and also threw in some interesting cheeky developments, including the use of interchangeable genitals and fright wigs!





Eidolon – reworking

So we’ve been back at the Simulation Centre, re-working the material we developed for the showing in the summer (big thanks to the audience that came along and your feedback – we were listening!). We’re mostly working with the same material but re-organising it, inserting material into the middle of other sequences, etc. Generally taking apart what we’ve already done and putting it it together in a totally different order…and having a lot of fun with that!

ManiChat2 - working on the script

ManiChat – working on the script


ManiDance - reworking

ManiDance – reworking “The Preparation”